Friday, June 29, 2012

Australia Muay Thai fighter vows a return to the ring : June 2012

Phuket Muay Thai fighter Daniel Ketley is determined to make a full recovery and return to the Muay Thai boxing scene he loves so much.
Daniel , Australia muay thai fighters , have accident in 2012 .

Daniel was left with a fractured skull, haemorrhaging and compression on the brain, air bubbles in the brain, a shattered eye socket, jaw broken in three places, four lost teeth, a fractured vertebra, nerve damage to his neck and shoulder, a fracture in the skull between his nose and upper lip and 45 stitches in his head after, his family say, he was bashed in the Saiyuan Rd area in the early hours of June 8.
Speaking to The Phuket News on Wednesday from his parents’ home where he is recovering, Daniel said he was feeling a lot stronger this week and his surgery scars were healing very well.
“I want to fight again. I’m just focused on recovering now. All I care about is getting better. I’m taking things day by day. I think my recovery is going well but I wish I could fast-forward.
“The most frustrating thing is that I don’t know how I ended up in this situation, I’ve [still] got no idea.”
His Phuket friends had been visiting him every second day and his family were taking care of him around the clock. He had been overwhelmed by the response to his story, he said.
“I’m surprised it made the news in Australia, because it’s not a rare occurrence [that an Australian is injured while overseas]. I made the front page in the Gold Coast Bulletin, and people have been messaging me and donating money.
“It helps because it shows people do care. Thanks to everyone who has given me support. I deeply appreciate it. There’s nothing I can do to show just how much I do appreciate it.”
It is good news that everyone try to help other people and muay thai fighters .


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