Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Nan" brag "Superbang Sakchaichod muay thai training camp" about the revenge

Nan Ubon guarantee the training of Superbank Sakchaichod muay thai training camp is perfect and ready to fight with Singtongnoi P.Telakul. He prepares himself so his body is perfect and use to win. It's make him be full of confidence to win in this fight. Boxing fans should look at him because he will show his settler.


The latest movement after a promoter Songchai Rattanasuban sent Superbang Sakchaichod muay thai training camp fight with Singtongnoi P.Telakul muay thai camp in Wan Song Chai Public Boxing War on Monday 9th September 2013 at Wigair in Thailand . Nan Ubon revel to Suwit muay thai that "In this fight, Superbang training continuous so it's make his body perfect and ready to fight. Because of he ever win, he be full of confidence can win in this fight. I confirm Superbang will show his settler to boxing fans in Thailand ."


"He is training so hard for this fight so his body is better than the latest fight. Because of he ever win, he be full of confidence more than ever. Boxing fans should look at him because I confirm he will show his settler." Nan Ubon said.

No Thai fighters at SEA Games

he Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand (Amat) confirmed on Wednesday it will not send its fighters to join the muay (Muay Thai) tournament at this year's SEA Games if the event is run by a rival organisation.

The decision was made at yesterday's Amat meeting chaired by its president Sakchye Tapsuwan.

"We will not send our athletes to the SEA Games because the muay tournament will not be staged by an organisation recognised by Ifma [the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur]," said Sakchye.

"I hope people understand this."

He said other Thai organisations could not send fighters to compete at the SEA Games in Myanmar because Amat is the only amateur Muay Thai body recognised by the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT).

Hosts Myanmar have picked the Southeast Asia Muaythai Federation, which is under the World Muaythai Federation, to organise the SEA Games event in December.

Amat is an affiliate of Ifma.

Sakchye said Ifma is a worldwide body and a member of the SportAccord.


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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Family takes Songchai , the promoter of muay thai in Thailand , to dinner happily

Songchai quickly left the stage to return the home at Samyan Samsen again. Then, he goes to dinner with the family happily after he gets stressed for several days. Since the stadium manager is not invited him to attend the meeting and refused the third quarter program in a meeting held on 13 June.

Wake up early to work in delight mood

Muay Thai journalists have been released from Wansongchai  team that Big Song - Songchai Rattanasuban at 8:00 am on the morning of 15 July, which is the normal working time of Songchai promoter. But the morning of July 15, he is in the good mood more than everyone. He do not have a wry and scowling face like 23 days ago that he have very stressful time. After clear the problem with a manager of Radchadamneon, Songchai promoter is in the good mood before leaving to attend the burial of Sanya Bunprom's mother, the formal team of Wansongchai  war at Padrew in the evening with his teams.

Songchai said everything is depend on the stadium manager and muay thai training camps

After Big Song - Mr. Songchai Rattanasuban clear the problems with Pai Panyalak and the muay thai camps , a manager of Radchadamneon stadium, he open his mind to Muay Siam reporters that he will not request anything. Money was depended on the stadium manager. Songchai ready to work a big program in Thailand to muay thai circles but if they will not give something to him, it is ok. He gives them the power to consider and everything. "Whether muay thai program or quota is depending on the stadium manager, I will not request anything. If they give me, I will ready to work immediately. But if they not, that's okay. I give them to decide on everything. Thank you very much for everything and encouraged all along" Songchai said.

Mai inherit the muay thai program for Song
Sommai Sakulmetta is an important person to bring a victory to Radcahdamneon stadium in Thailand after him being suspended to work in the last meeting. He said that he talk to the stadium manager but he still talk with him again about Wansongchai  program. Songchai wait the stadium manager to consult with his master and then he will talk with him again with many muay thai training camps . However, he will set the battle in Wansongchai  but he cannot not tell how many program. Now he has to wait the board’s decide.

Monday, June 24, 2013

When you join with any Muay Thai training ‎camps in Thailand to learn as fighter

Once you decide to learn the sport in a reputable Muay Thai training camp, you have to bear in mind that it is quite similar to attending boarding school. Initially, you will be housed in the same location where you will get the training. Second, just like in the school setting, there are trainers who will guide you on the correct Muay Thai techniques. Third, in the training camp, there are set of schedules that are strictly followed. Always remember that discipline is emphasized in this sport. Additionally, it is needed so that you can successfully pass through the training with complete knowledge and skill on the sport.

At Muay Thai camps, you will notice another type of routine called "Speed Routines". This speed routine is considered as one of the most noticeable advantages a Muay Thai fighter can have over his opponent at the real ring. personally, the most loved training of Muay Thai is "My Hand Speed Workout for Muay Thai". I found it amazing exercise to increase your endurance ability. When I asked the Thai trainer abot it, he told me that; without good endurance there is a small chance you’ll survive the 3 or 5 rounds of MMA competitions, boxing fighting or Muay Thai combats.

Controlling the emotion and self confidence is an exciting challenge. Muay Thai kick boxing makes people discipline to practice the exercise regularly with control self emotion and self confidence. The Muay Thai kick boxing fighter is able to control their fighting with self offense and defense skill. Muay Thai kickboxing is a great way to increase self defense technique for body protections. It used to handle all negative intention from bad peoples. Muay Thai kick boxing is suited for young peoples and children. The children can learn and practice Muay Thai kick boxing at Muay Thai camps in Thailand. Muay Thai camps are a great place to learn fighting technique while spend your summer holiday in Thailand.

When you join with any Muay Thai training camp you will know that sparring is one of the most essential part of Muay Thai and Thai Boxing training. At  Muay Thai training camp in Thailand you can find a kind of trainers direct sparring sessions with guests. You will discover that it is completely voluntary and that camps with its trainers allow guests to practice and utilize their own skills against a real opponent. At sparring trainings, guest wear shin, head and mouth guards to keep him away of injury. All experts of Muay Thai and All its camps beleives in that sparring is an important training tool in Mauy Thai training that will help guests to understand Muay Thai as a fight sport and gain experience in the real ring.


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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mr.Bu from Petchsupan muay thai camp set a good open and close fight in Thailand with many training camps

Mr.Bu Mouengpetch understand muay thai fans' s feeling so he set a good and close fight for Petchsupaparn War on 19 June at LumPiNi Stadium in Thailand . Muay thai fans can gamble extremely because there are many good muay thai camps .

The battle to proof of faith in Petchsupan War on 19 June at Lum Pi Ni Stadium, the open fight is Sankeng J.Nopparat muay thai training camp beat Sinksuriya U.Rattanabandit, the second round is Samdee Petchyindee Academy save his champion belt by fight with Chaisiri Sakniranrad, Wuttichai Saksubin muay thai camp fight Chaimonkol Petchsupapan, Petchmouengchon Tayha fight Worawut S.Bebe, Beer Payakmouengchon fight Teelek Rachanon muay thai training camp, Eakarnan J.S.P. fight Konkobdai W.Wiwattananon, Sittisak Bunmee fight Cherry Daooeun, Kimsong Sakniranrad fight Superfam W.Kongpiset Gym, Talaisan W.Wiwattananon muay thai camp meet Chupetch Phananchoeng.

In addition to the important match, Mr. Bu said he and his staff take a famous boxer and top boxer in his gym to this fight for muay thai fans can gamble like the past and not illegal the boxing rules.

Mr.Otue Jarumoueng set a fight on Dao Rung Chujarern War on 18 June. Ankmor Grabepomdeang intend to follow boxing’s rules although he can sell a ticket to muay thai fans 240 baht but is it ok. In Monday afternoon ago, Muay Siam Daily check a fight list from Mr.Prawit Konktongsamut about Dao Rung Chujarern Speical on 18 June at Rah Cha Dam Neon Stadium that organized by Chujarern Raweearamwong. The ticket cost 240 baht. There are top fights between Palankpib N.Sripoueng who just finish fighting a big match 250 baht ticket at Lum Pi Ni and having a good form by win Yodkunpol Monchai. Palankpib N.Sripoueng muay thai training camp will fight with Songkom Srisuriyotin who wins Keawkangwan S.Sajouenchai 4th rounds at Lum Pi Ni in 124 pounds fight. The other fight is a match of Eakkarit form Bangkok Thon Bu Ry University beat Sinkpayak from Muban Chombueng Rajabhat University 131 pounds.

The other match from other muay thai camps are Eakpetch Bankok Thon Bu Ry University fights Rittikrai Keawsamrit muay thai camp , Neungsiam S.Prasobchock meets Nongmai Teedet 99 muay thai training camp , Masang Suwit muay thai gym of  fights Sakartid T.Laju, Rukkad Chumpare Tour fights Rungpichit PanYudtapum, and the last is Fanta A.Kuntorn fight Chamounkpetch Kiatpracha etc...

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

"Chor" do not brag about "Songkom-Seui" heat

Chor, Sangchernglek S.prasobchok reveals about Songkom Srisurinyanyotin meet Seui S.Sunanchai muay thai training camp. He believes this fight have a chance to get a hot boxing prize 7th because they are an active boxers.
Songkom Srisurinyanyotin wins all 3 fights from 3 muay thai camps of Thailand with Kompishit S.K.Siripong, Petchtaksin S.Sommai Camp and Monkaw C.Janmanee muay thai camp. In the next fight, he will prove his skill with Yodpetch W.Sangprapai in the first round of Muay Thai live on Saturday 19 May at channel 11 in Thailand.

"Chor" Sangchernglek S.prasobchok, a famous manager talk to a reporter about his gym form. Songkom will win over Monkaw in Wig 7 color. He wants to send Songkom to prove his skill with Seui S.Sunanchai who gets a hot boxing prize from Wig 7 color recently. Chor believes they will get a hot boxing prize in this year.

"I am did not talk about this fight yet will allowed to set. They are active boxers. If Songkom finish this fight, I want to ask boxer board to consider Songkom fight Seui. I am thinking 124-125 pounds is a good fight, our boxers are not escape." Chor reveals in the end.

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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

"Teedet" muay thai training so hard

Jakung Sampran is full of confidence about Teedet Jakung' s gym to fight with Yodtawee Puinudeang muay thai training camp in the first round of Assawindam War on Sunday 24 April at Imperial Stadium. He confirms this game is excited and fun no matter he win or loss.

The first round of Assawindam War on Sunday 24 April at Imperial Stadium is a fight of Teedet Jakung' s gym with Yodtawee Puinudeang muay thai training camp . This is an interest fight becuase Jakung reveals Teedet prepare himself for this fight so he ready to fight. Jakung is full of confidence these games is excited and fun no matter he win or loss and warn muay thai fans should not miss.

"Teedet prepare himself by training for this fight so he ready to fight with Yodtawee. I am full of confidence this game is excite and fun no matter who win or loss. I want muay thai fans to watch and confirm about fun and exciting." Jakung said.

"Yodwicha" will prevent
"The wonder boy" Yodwicha P.Bunsid muay thai camp, a new boxer from Muay Thai Siam Sport Award confirms that in the past, Wisanlek Seetran Discovery, an older boxer from the same gym training so hard all his life after he go to qualifier round and compete for the Aom Noi championship in Jao Muay Thai on 23 March at Aom Noi.

"The wonder boy" Yodwicha P.Bunsid muay thai camp, a new boxer from Muay Thai Siam Sport Award of Thailand said about the Preparedness of an older boxer in the same gym. Wisanlek Seetran Discovery go to qualifier round and compete for the Aom Noi championship with Chadchai S.J.Toipadreaw in Jao Muay Thai on Saturday 23 March at Aom Noi broadcast though channel 3. I can see his intention, training so hard and can say this is a best training for him since I training with him because Wisanlek is very dedicated in this fight.

"He was very diligent. I think he intended so much to training in this fight since he is a boxer" Yodwicha confirms.
Muay Thai Data : muay thai training thailand & muay thai camp thailand.

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Friday, March 01, 2013

This year keep an eye on "Sueteb"

Nil Donmoueng is gratified a boxer in his gym, Sakai Sueteb (Kongklai) Kiattijarernchai come back to a hot form again. He can knockout Jongrak Fonjangchonbury muay thai training camp in three rounds beautifully although before the fight, muay thai fans believe he lose. He said can fight with anyone in the next fight and this time he is not afraid everyone.

After "Sakai" Sueteb Kiattijarernchai muay thai camp can knockout Jongrak S.Bunkrong (Fonjangchonbury muay thai training camp by ) in three rounds beautifully on Sunday 13 January 2556 at Wig Mo Chit, Nil Donmoueng, Kiattijarernchai muay thai staff is gratified about sakai's wining because someone spread bad rumors such as he is a bad boy, not training. Finally, Sakai's knockout makes everyone know our gym is a real muay thai gym.

"Sakai admits his past is bad but he changes his behavior in this new year, he will training hard and not skip a training. Mr.Kokiat gives a full performing fee and reward to a winner that makes Sakai is full of confidence. I hope this guy so I let Mr.Chun decide a rival to fight with him and set a program in 117 pounds. He is not afraid and can fight with everyone.

Ballot Isuzu Muay Thai Saturday

Mr.Mee, Teerayud Horpraserdkit, a Siam Aom Noi manager prepare boxers who have a same point in Isuzu Muay Thai Tournament 23th all line A and B to ballot in Muay Thai War on Saturday 19 January at Aom Noi for select boxer from many muay thai camps who will fight in the next round.

Mr.Mee, Teerayud Horpraserdkit, a Siam Aom Noi manager in Thailand open his mind to a reporter Muay Siam after the end of first round of Isuzu Muay Thai Tournament 23th. There are many same point boxers all line A and B so I consult with a board to ballot to go in the next round in Muay Thai War on Saturday 19 January. Then, we will define the playoffs day and final round.

"Now, I order staff to check points in Isuzu Tournament Boxing 23th in line A and B and summarize it. We will call boxer to ballot in Muay Thai War on Saturday 19 January at Aom noi for select boxers who can go to the next round because Isuzu Muay Thai Tournament 23th is open on March." Mr.Mee said.

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