Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Nan" brag "Superbang Sakchaichod muay thai training camp" about the revenge

Nan Ubon guarantee the training of Superbank Sakchaichod muay thai training camp is perfect and ready to fight with Singtongnoi P.Telakul. He prepares himself so his body is perfect and use to win. It's make him be full of confidence to win in this fight. Boxing fans should look at him because he will show his settler.


The latest movement after a promoter Songchai Rattanasuban sent Superbang Sakchaichod muay thai training camp fight with Singtongnoi P.Telakul muay thai camp in Wan Song Chai Public Boxing War on Monday 9th September 2013 at Wigair in Thailand . Nan Ubon revel to Suwit muay thai that "In this fight, Superbang training continuous so it's make his body perfect and ready to fight. Because of he ever win, he be full of confidence can win in this fight. I confirm Superbang will show his settler to boxing fans in Thailand ."


"He is training so hard for this fight so his body is better than the latest fight. Because of he ever win, he be full of confidence more than ever. Boxing fans should look at him because I confirm he will show his settler." Nan Ubon said.

No Thai fighters at SEA Games

he Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand (Amat) confirmed on Wednesday it will not send its fighters to join the muay (Muay Thai) tournament at this year's SEA Games if the event is run by a rival organisation.

The decision was made at yesterday's Amat meeting chaired by its president Sakchye Tapsuwan.

"We will not send our athletes to the SEA Games because the muay tournament will not be staged by an organisation recognised by Ifma [the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur]," said Sakchye.

"I hope people understand this."

He said other Thai organisations could not send fighters to compete at the SEA Games in Myanmar because Amat is the only amateur Muay Thai body recognised by the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT).

Hosts Myanmar have picked the Southeast Asia Muaythai Federation, which is under the World Muaythai Federation, to organise the SEA Games event in December.

Amat is an affiliate of Ifma.

Sakchye said Ifma is a worldwide body and a member of the SportAccord.


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