Sunday, April 21, 2013

"Chor" do not brag about "Songkom-Seui" heat

Chor, Sangchernglek S.prasobchok reveals about Songkom Srisurinyanyotin meet Seui S.Sunanchai muay thai training camp. He believes this fight have a chance to get a hot boxing prize 7th because they are an active boxers.
Songkom Srisurinyanyotin wins all 3 fights from 3 muay thai camps of Thailand with Kompishit S.K.Siripong, Petchtaksin S.Sommai Camp and Monkaw C.Janmanee muay thai camp. In the next fight, he will prove his skill with Yodpetch W.Sangprapai in the first round of Muay Thai live on Saturday 19 May at channel 11 in Thailand.

"Chor" Sangchernglek S.prasobchok, a famous manager talk to a reporter about his gym form. Songkom will win over Monkaw in Wig 7 color. He wants to send Songkom to prove his skill with Seui S.Sunanchai who gets a hot boxing prize from Wig 7 color recently. Chor believes they will get a hot boxing prize in this year.

"I am did not talk about this fight yet will allowed to set. They are active boxers. If Songkom finish this fight, I want to ask boxer board to consider Songkom fight Seui. I am thinking 124-125 pounds is a good fight, our boxers are not escape." Chor reveals in the end.

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