Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Ploy Wittaya" passed the test letting "Nao" to support

Ploy Wittaya Rochsurat has showed the hot form and be attracted by Sia Nao much when he has kneed the old form or Tee US Sit Chakung for several scores. Then, the big brother or Wittaya Meunphet has been smiling that Ploy Wittaya could pass the test and he is confident that this muay thai fighter can follow the route of Yok Wittaya Phetsimuen in the near future.
Besides, Wittaya  of Amphur Thongsung or the big brother of Ploy Wittaya has become to be the hottest head of countryside boxing camp because he has several of well-known muay thai fighters in his boxing camp , such as Yok Wittaya Simeunphet , Maphenglek , Maphengnoi , Chalernthap or the white shark , Ploywittaya , Wittayalek , Iiad and others. Recently, he has been glad much by cheering up Ploywittaya Rachsurat who had kneed and overcame Tee US Sit Chakung for several scores and become to be one of the good name of muay thai fighters beautifully.
Moreover, Wittaya or the big brother of Ploy Wittaya had informed the news excitingly that for this fight it is attracted by Sia Nao or Wirat Watchiraratanawong or our boss much. Besides, Sia Nao had been sat to watch this game and saw the future of Ploy Wittaya with his good shape and big heart to overcome the strong one as Tee US and passed the test nicely. After that, for the next match we have placed his list to meet Wanchai ; however, we are afraid of the severe game. Thus, we have found the new muay thai fighter for him at 110 pound. Then, he can fight in any muay thai fighter of this weight and it is confirmed that in the next year he might be the  new star as Yok Wittaya absolutely"

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