Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pop need fight "Palangpon" again @ 2012-09-26

Pop" Keerati Tiasangwal not satisfied and request promoter to open a muay thai match between Palangpon with Prajanchai again. He reveals that the defeat of Palangpon make me sleepless several days.

Even though the match is ending but "Pop" Keerati Tiasangwal, who is the owner of Watcharachai muay thai gym still angry and not think Prajanchai Pretchnamtong can defeat Palangpon Watcharachai muay thai training camp . If we analysis based on fact that Palangpon is work hard and have a big punch, but Prajanchai is only work hard. We should not judge Prajanchai to pass. At this point I would like to request any muay thai promoters to open the match again.

I accept that i can not sleep some days because of the loss of Palangpon who should not loss. He can beat Prajanchai until 3 round. In the end, Palangpon have a good punch but it is not get score and miss the point. I want to reopen this match again to clear a suspicious. I will not accept this defeat until they fight again and wish promoters support my requirements. I accepts that can not sleep very well when think about the lastest match and feel sorry. I am ready about the stake as much as they want" Pop said to a reporter.
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