Wednesday, September 19, 2012

“Chaisu” relieved troubles to fight for the new form of muay thai

Mr. T. Tepsutin Sitaek (Chaisu) , the good disciple of  Mr. Somrak Kamsing, had gone up in to the next level rapidly. However, he had been knocked by Mr.Yoodkunpol , the good disciple of Monchai to pay the bet for millions baht and be hurt. However, Mr. promotor Chunkertphet still take care him well by relieving troubles to fight for the new form with Mr. Rakkert Kertpapat on this Saturday of 22th September that will be broadcasted on channel 11 on Muai Witithai program television.
Chun revealed information that “it has to be built up step by step with the stair case level from the competence of Mr. Promotor Chun Kertphet until Mr. T. Tepsutin Sitaek (Chaisu) had been the Champion of weight 122 pond of Channel 7 muay thai stadium although he had won the fight of Mr. Kunsueklek A. Khunmeung before. On the other hand, finally the hero of Olympic names Mr. Somrak Kamsing who wanted to have his name rapidly had jumped to learn with the different level of muay thai. Moreover, he was sent to punch with Mr. Yoodkunpol , the good disciple of Monchai , with the bet nearly 2 million baht , so it made he was outstanding through the muay thai world. However, he hasn’t been the expert to fight. Then, Chaisu had to lose and been knocked by Mr.Yoodkunpol Kertphet without fighting with disappointed view. On the other hand, muay thai Promotor , the supporter of  Mr. Chun Kertphet had told that he hadn’t have trouble and then when Chaisu had been cured , Somrak had proposed the new muay thai competing. Later, on this Saturday of  22th September he had to tested his spirit  with Mr. Rakkert Kertpapat who hasn’t got the severe fist as Yoodkunpol to be the testing level. On the contrary, Chaisu has to build up his encouragement newly. On the other hand, if Chaisu can overcome Rakkert , he will have the right to have his good name simply. However, he has to learn step by step because if he has jumped to learn by come along side to the opponent , he might miss again”
The muay thai information by muay thai camp thailand @ 2012 


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