Thursday, October 18, 2012

“Pele” boasted that “Yodwicha” might lose to “Kongsak” certainly @ 2012-10-18

Mr. Pele Burerum assured that Mr. Kongsak Sitbunmee muay thai training camp can overcome Yodwicha and he revealed that  it isn’t boastful because the muay thai style as Mr. Yodwicha Pho. Bunsit might lose to  Kongsak. Moreover, this fight is confirmed the readiness actually. Then, there is no worrying. Because Yodwicha are hard training from the good muay thai camp in Thailand .
On the progress of Suek Wan Thong Chai broadcast program on this Sunday evening of  11st October at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium recently, the reporter of Siam Daily has revealed from  Pele Burerum , the talent trainer , that Mr. Kongsak Sitbunmee who has the program to fight with Yodwicha will be the master boxer with his good preparedness  and no problem. Then, the muay thai fanclub shouldn’t worry of this situation.

Similarly, Pele has the opinion that the muay thai style as Yodwicha is easily to overcome and be lost to Kongsak. Besides, he has believed that for this fight Kongsak won’t be lost certainly. Then, the muay thai fanclub can look forward to watching this fight for sure. In addition to, he revealed comfortably that “ Indeed, Mr. Pee Tone S. Rungtip who take care of Yodwicha and I have been paid respected to each other well. However,  for the muay thai style we should distinguish correctly and I have to do my duty as well as him. Then,  the muay thai style as Yodwicha isn’t boastful because it can overcome easily and I like this muay thai style also. Thus, we can confirm about our winning even the fighting of 129 ponds that are our favourite style. As the result, believe it or not that for this fight Yodwicha should have the most losting in his life , but the tall and slender shape of him won’t be the obstruct of Kongsak for sure. If you want find the muay thai camp thailand  , you can read the news becuase there are many the "muay thai training in thailand " information from many camps .

Besides,  this fight has Mr. Pakorn Banpheeaumrearnpheethong muay thai camp fighting with Mr. Mongkolchai Phetsuphaphan muay thai training camp ,Mr. Singthongnoi Pho. Thelakul fighting  with Mr. Yokwicha Phetsimiun , Mr. Phanphet Chaothalethong fighting with Mr. Chomthong Chuwattana ,Mr. Sangmanee S. Thianpho fighting with Mr. Kusakornnoi S. Chusane ,Mr. Phrachanchai Pho. Phetnamnong  fighting with Mr.Densiam Eakbangsai ,Mr. Yodthongthai P. Thelakul fighting with Mr.Phetuthong A. Khunmuang.

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