Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fighting in the day makes “Pornmongkul” be confident.

The Sergeant Keaw of Pakchong is confident that Pornmongkol K.T. muay thai training camp might have a chance to get revenge for Saksuriya of 5 stars chicken of 124 pounds by fighting in the day not in the night at Omnoi muay thai stadium on this Saturday of 8th December A.D. 2012 after getting lose at Lumphinee muay thai stadium because of the bargaining the weight for 2 pounds. Moreover, although his performance has more disadvantages for Saksuriya , the viewers should cheer up without making disappointment. Moreover, Siam Muai had got the revealing of the Sergeant Keaw of Pakchong about the confidence before Pornmongkol K.T. yim will fight with Saksuriya of 5 stars chicken deawyim on this Saturday of 8th December A.D. 2012 that for the latest fight , he bargained the weight for Saksuriya for 2 pounds , so he had been the loser with several scores. On the other hand, for the new meeting of 124 pounds without bargaining the weight and fighting in the day , he is confident that he might have a chance to be the winner although his performance had less competence than his muay thai boxer. However, he is confident to have a chance to be the winner of course. Besides, The Sergeant Keaw said that “although my muay thai camp is the small one , but we always fight with our full performance and this fight , we have more disadvantages than them. However, it won’t be worry because Pornmongkol has his good attention to get his revenge to his muay thai boxer for sure and he had lose his muay thai boxer in the latest fight because of the bargaining of 2 pounds. On the other hand, for this Saturday of 8th December A.D. 2012 , he won’t bargain the weight for his muay thai boxer and he has to fight with 124 pound on the day. Thus, after I have watched for the game , we have the prone to cheer him up and the boxing fanclub should look forward to cheering him up without getting any disappointment” If you want find the muay thai camps thailand , you can read the news becuase there are many the "muay thai training thailand " information from many camps .

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