Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Family takes Songchai , the promoter of muay thai in Thailand , to dinner happily

Songchai quickly left the stage to return the home at Samyan Samsen again. Then, he goes to dinner with the family happily after he gets stressed for several days. Since the stadium manager is not invited him to attend the meeting and refused the third quarter program in a meeting held on 13 June.

Wake up early to work in delight mood

Muay Thai journalists have been released from Wansongchai  team that Big Song - Songchai Rattanasuban at 8:00 am on the morning of 15 July, which is the normal working time of Songchai promoter. But the morning of July 15, he is in the good mood more than everyone. He do not have a wry and scowling face like 23 days ago that he have very stressful time. After clear the problem with a manager of Radchadamneon, Songchai promoter is in the good mood before leaving to attend the burial of Sanya Bunprom's mother, the formal team of Wansongchai  war at Padrew in the evening with his teams.

Songchai said everything is depend on the stadium manager and muay thai training camps

After Big Song - Mr. Songchai Rattanasuban clear the problems with Pai Panyalak and the muay thai camps , a manager of Radchadamneon stadium, he open his mind to Muay Siam reporters that he will not request anything. Money was depended on the stadium manager. Songchai ready to work a big program in Thailand to muay thai circles but if they will not give something to him, it is ok. He gives them the power to consider and everything. "Whether muay thai program or quota is depending on the stadium manager, I will not request anything. If they give me, I will ready to work immediately. But if they not, that's okay. I give them to decide on everything. Thank you very much for everything and encouraged all along" Songchai said.

Mai inherit the muay thai program for Song
Sommai Sakulmetta is an important person to bring a victory to Radcahdamneon stadium in Thailand after him being suspended to work in the last meeting. He said that he talk to the stadium manager but he still talk with him again about Wansongchai  program. Songchai wait the stadium manager to consult with his master and then he will talk with him again with many muay thai training camps . However, he will set the battle in Wansongchai  but he cannot not tell how many program. Now he has to wait the board’s decide.


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