Friday, March 01, 2013

This year keep an eye on "Sueteb"

Nil Donmoueng is gratified a boxer in his gym, Sakai Sueteb (Kongklai) Kiattijarernchai come back to a hot form again. He can knockout Jongrak Fonjangchonbury muay thai training camp in three rounds beautifully although before the fight, muay thai fans believe he lose. He said can fight with anyone in the next fight and this time he is not afraid everyone.

After "Sakai" Sueteb Kiattijarernchai muay thai camp can knockout Jongrak S.Bunkrong (Fonjangchonbury muay thai training camp by ) in three rounds beautifully on Sunday 13 January 2556 at Wig Mo Chit, Nil Donmoueng, Kiattijarernchai muay thai staff is gratified about sakai's wining because someone spread bad rumors such as he is a bad boy, not training. Finally, Sakai's knockout makes everyone know our gym is a real muay thai gym.

"Sakai admits his past is bad but he changes his behavior in this new year, he will training hard and not skip a training. Mr.Kokiat gives a full performing fee and reward to a winner that makes Sakai is full of confidence. I hope this guy so I let Mr.Chun decide a rival to fight with him and set a program in 117 pounds. He is not afraid and can fight with everyone.

Ballot Isuzu Muay Thai Saturday

Mr.Mee, Teerayud Horpraserdkit, a Siam Aom Noi manager prepare boxers who have a same point in Isuzu Muay Thai Tournament 23th all line A and B to ballot in Muay Thai War on Saturday 19 January at Aom Noi for select boxer from many muay thai camps who will fight in the next round.

Mr.Mee, Teerayud Horpraserdkit, a Siam Aom Noi manager in Thailand open his mind to a reporter Muay Siam after the end of first round of Isuzu Muay Thai Tournament 23th. There are many same point boxers all line A and B so I consult with a board to ballot to go in the next round in Muay Thai War on Saturday 19 January. Then, we will define the playoffs day and final round.

"Now, I order staff to check points in Isuzu Tournament Boxing 23th in line A and B and summarize it. We will call boxer to ballot in Muay Thai War on Saturday 19 January at Aom noi for select boxers who can go to the next round because Isuzu Muay Thai Tournament 23th is open on March." Mr.Mee said.

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