Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kaimukkaow Watcharachai muay thai camp looking dangerous @ 08-07-2555

The crowd that thronged into the Raja arena to see Kaimukkaow outclass aggressive challenger Eaklith Mor Krungthepthonburi left well satisfied that Thailand has another top gun ready for the world stage.
That Kaimukkaow Watcharachia muay thai camp won wasn't surprising given that he has excelled as a flyweight for some time.
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With the double title as the prize, Eaklith gave everything he had to pressure Kaimukkaow and force a win. But every time he moved in close, Eaklith faced a wall of resistance that he could not overcome for four close rounds.
In the final round, knowing that he needed a knockout to win, Eaklith dropped his gloves while moving into a grapple position. Seizing the opportunity, Kaimukkaow Watcharachai muay thai camp from Thailand let fly with a head high kick knocking Eaklith to the canvass.
That was the end of the contest and another great triumph for Kaimukkaow who is showing the world that his skills can more than match any raw aggression.
Kaimukkaow relies on near perfect timing to keep a safe distance from opponents who believe they can win with pressure tactics.
Eaklith took a complete arsenal of weapons into the ring and used kicks, body strikes and hard punches to unnerve Kaimukkaow. But as hard as he kicked and punched, Eaklith fell short.
There's an adage in Muay Thai that a good tall boxer will beat a good smaller boxer.
Rarely does Kaimukkaow fight a taller opponent. His long legs usually give an inch of reach advantage. Eaklith's eventual downfall was that he just couldn't get in close enough to do enough damage.
The stunning head high kick that put an end to Eaklith's challenge showed again that when push comes to shove Kaimukkaow has the long jabs and high kicks to snatch victory.
There's a lot to like about Kaimukkaow. He's a complete boxer with his evasive skills and kick power, and he should hold his double title for some time.
It was also refreshing to observe referee Jirawat In-Eam demanding that the boxers attached with intent in the first rounds.
There's been much criticism that the first and fifth rounds are "dud" rounds in the Bangkok stadiums. That's why the Thai Fight tournaments prefer three rounds for peak performance.
But to his credit, referee Jirawat showed that boxers can obey instructions to fight from the start to the end of a bout, especially if the contest is a double championship and under the international spotlight.
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

muay thai trianing in thailand @ 2012-08-11

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is one of the famous martial art in the world , you can see in UFC or MMA .Countless martial arts are well-known all over the world. It is because martial art is a part of tradition and culture of a race. That is why you can find special martial art of a country at times. This martial art is inherited from ancestor as one way to have self-defense from strangers.

Muay Thai or Thai boxing is popular martial art which is coming from Thailand. This martial art is also inherited from the ancestor to save their race. But now, the use of muay thai changes from self-defense way to art exhibition and traditional art.

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